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Analysis of internal structure of distribution box

Time: 2018-01-18 18:03:00  Views: 469

"Distribution box", also known as distribution cabinet, is a general term of motor control center. The distribution box is to assemble the switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment in a closed or semi closed metal cabinet or panel according to the electrical wiring requirements to form a low-voltage distribution device.

Purpose of distribution box

It is convenient for management and maintenance in case of circuit failure. Distribution box, distribution cabinet, distribution panel, etc. are complete sets of devices for centralized installation of switches, instruments and other equipment.

The commonly used distribution boxes are made of wood and iron plate. At present, the power consumption everywhere is very large, so iron is still used more. Purpose of distribution box: of course, it is convenient for power shutdown and transmission, and plays the role of measuring and judging power shutdown and transmission.

The composition of distribution box is mainly divided into two parts

The first is a complete set of components, that is, the shell of the distribution box and its related accessories.

Second, electrical components and related accessories, namely air switches and their required accessories.